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June 16, 2010

Windows Live Writer Wave 4 Beta — Application menu and Post Properties

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With the primary ribbon tabs for Windows Live Writer Wave 4 Beta covered in previous posts (Home, Insert & Blog Account) lets look at the application menu and Post Properties.

The Application (File) menu


The application menu for Live Writer is fairly standard for an application.  Under the New Post option you will find New post and if your blog server such as WordPress or TypePad supports it, New Page.

Open is just like Wave 3 and you can select from your drafts, recent post, and the list of post per configured blog account.

Save will allow you to save a draft locally, save the draft to the server, or save the draft to the server and edit it there.

Delete local draft will of course allow you to delete a local draft.

Publish will publish your blog post or page to your blog server.

Print gives you the option to print or print preview your post.

Options will bring up the Writer options dialog.

The about box and Exit Writer speak for themselves.





Post Properties

Some of the big feedback we received about Live Writer was that users did not know where to add categories or tags. In general people did not notice it at the bottom of the application and after some usability testing we found that when it was up near the ribbon it was much easier to find so me moved it right below the ribbon.  The set of fields you see is based off of what is supported by your blog.  The picture below is for WordPress.com. If your blog server supports publish dates for say publishing a post on your server that appears three days from now you can do it by setting the publish date for three days from now.  Some blog servers even allow you to see the date to a date in the past.

WordPress Post Properties

If you click “View all” we bring up a modal dialog that has all of the options that your blog server supports. 



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