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June 16, 2010

Windows Live Writer Wave 4 beta–Insert & Blog Account tabs

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I have already blogged about the Home tab for Windows Live Writer Wave 4 and this post will be about the other two main tabs Insert and Blog Account.

The Insert tab

Live Writer Wave 4 Beta Insert Tab

One of first things you will notice is that in the Breaks section is that Live Writer now has added support for Horizontal Line.  This is your standard <hr> tag. Clear break is the same as Wave 3.  Split post will appear if your blog supports split post.  For example, it will appear in WordPress and TypePad but not in Live Spaces.

Table is the same as Wave 3.

Most of the Media section is the same as what you would find in Wave 3.  You can insert hyperlinks.  Insert a picture from your hard drive or from the web.  From the web is supported again on Windows 7 something that was working in Wave 2 but not Wave 3.  You have the option to create a new photo album to be saved to SkyDrive or insert an existing one you have on SkyDrive.  The video button allows you to insert from the web, your hard drive, or a video service like YouTube.  The Map button allows you to insert a Bing map.  Post tags allows you to quickly insert tags for Technorati, LiveJournal, Flickr, del.icio.us, IceRocket, 43 Things, or BuzzNet.  You can also still customize your own provider.  The Emoticons button is new and we are sharing the same set of emoticons as Live Messenger.  The same shortcuts you use in Messenger work in Writer also so if you enter “:)” you will see Smile.  The Emoticon drop down also has a most recently used list so that if you use the same emoticon over and over you do not have to hunt for it in the gallery as a whole.

 Live Writer Wave 4 Beta emoticons

Plug-ins have moved from the sidebar to the Insert tab.  In the image above you can see the ribbon with a few plug-ins installed.  You can also add new plug-ins or modify the plug-in options.


Blog Account Tab

Windows Live Writer Wave 4 Beta blog account tab

The Blog options button will bring up the dialog with blog specific options.  The Shortcuts section is blog specific and can be modified on your blog server with a Writer manifest file.  In the picture above the shortcuts for a blog on WordPress.com is show. Below you can see examples for blogs on Live Spaces and Blogger.  In the Theme section you can turn off or on if you compose your blog with a what you see is what you get view or not.  Update theme gives you the option to bring a new theme down to Writer if you change it on your server.

Spaces Spaces.  Blogger Blogger.


Next I will have a post on the application menu (file men) and the Post Properties.  After that I will have a post on the tools ribbon tabs.


This post was written in the Wave 4 beta build.

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