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June 22, 2010

Squares–The new Photo Album style in Live Writer

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Many of the reviews of the Live Mail Wave 4 beta talk about the improvements made to Photo Mail and show a cool way to share your photos with friends and family in a Photo Album.  As I talked about in the post “Sharing Code is Good”,  this work was done by the Live Writer team.  Let us take a deeper look at Photo Albums in Windows Live Writer and specifically the new album style called “Squares” added for the Wave 4 beta.  All of these styles can also be used in Photo Mail in Live Mail.

Photo Albums in Live Writer are nice in that you get a great visual representation of a set of pictures without having to insert a bunch of full size images into your post.  You give the reader of your blog the opportunity to click and see an album as a whole and with Wave 4 they can see it as a slide show.  The photos are all stored on SkyDrive instead of in your blog server.  In Wave 4 we added the ability to allow readers of your blog to download the whole album locally instead of forcing them to right click on every photo and select Save.


By default when you insert a photo album you need to add at least one photo before you can add the album to your blog post.  Here is what the new Square style looks like with four photos.  One photo becomes the big photo next to your album title and the rest start to appear in rows and columns underneath.  For Squares we will show up to 41 pictures in the album but you can have 100s of photos in the album itself that will be save to SkyDrive.  The album title will also match your blog theme.


Here is a “live” squares album with many photos that has been uploaded to SkyDrive.




Wave 3 album styles

If you are new to Live Writer then you have not seen the rest of the styles for Photo Albums.  Here is a look at the rest.



The Spread style will only show five thumbnails in the default view.




The Grid Left style and Grid Right style show seven thumbnails in an album.





The Scatter style will show up to 17 thumbnails in the album.




The Fan style will display up to nine thumbnails.



  1. HI, I’ve been trying to change the size of the font of the Photo Album title, to no avail though… i think the font just looks way too big, relative to the pictures & the rest of the blog text. Are you aware if this can be done? In the previous version, you can bypass the process and not have a title for the collages….. Appreciate any help/thoughts – thanks!

    Comment by ada — December 14, 2010 @ 1:50 PM

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