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June 23, 2010

Other Live Writer Wave 4 Beta changes

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I have blogged about many changes made in Windows Live Writer Wave 4 beta such as the ribbon, the new post properties dialog, and the photo album improvements but there are a couple areas we really have not talked about yet.  I hope to cover those in this post.

Editor changes

One of the new features we have added to the editor in Wave 4 for Live Writer is autocorrect for English words.  In the past Live Writer would autocorrect a few such as registered trademark (r) would become ® and copyright (c) would become ©.  We did not do this for words so “teh” would not get autocorrected to “the”.  We actually now have the full autocorrect list that you would find in an Office application.  Here are a few examples from the hundreds of common misspellings or misused phrases:

you’re own your own
owrk work
must of had must have had
dont don’t
cafe café
let;s let’s

Writer does not however have autocorrect to the depth that you would find in Word other than the same word list and it also does not have the AutoFormat features you would find there. If autocorrect does something you did not want just hitting backspace will return to your original text.

With the new emoticons feature if you know the keyboard shortcut they will autocorrect also.  For example (lol) becomes Laughing out loud or ;@ becomes Steaming mad

If you are like me when you want to add a hyperlink to a blog post you copy the URL from your browser address field and then bring up the Insert hyperlink dialog and paste the URL.  What you will notice with the Beta is that Writer will pre-populate the URL field in the Insert hyperlink dialog with the URL you have on the clipboard saving you a little time.

We also think the editor itself has improved.  We would love your feedback on this.  It might even be the case where you do not remember being annoyed by something strange the editor used to do and you might have even have just come accustom to working around it but we really feel like we address many of the issues that annoyed us about our editor.  One example might be where the editing cursor is in your post.  It Wave 3 it used to jump around a lot and this really is not the case anymore.  Autocorrect itself falls in this category of improvements you might not notice.  None of the reviews to date have mentioned that it is in Live Writer.  I did catch one person tweeting about it back in January when a build of Wave 4 leaked out but their tweet was more to the form of “Did Live Writer always have autocorrect??”.  I think this is a big win for customers and as someone who is not a great speller it helps me out all of the time.



In previous version of Live Writer there was an autosave feature that would routinely save your post as you edited it.  This did not save you much of the time if on the off chance Writer crashed or hung.  In Wave 4 we have replaced autosave with autorecover.  Now if Writer ever hangs or crashes we should still have a copy of your post close to where you were in editing before the crash occurred.


I hope to never again to see a tweet that a user has lost a post.  Then again I am never happy when I see a post that Writer might have crashed.


Update: Added the paragraph on the hyperlink dialog changes.



  1. Glad to see AutoRecover is built in; that should be really helpful. I’ve never had problems with Writer itself crashing, but I have lost a post when my power went off (and my UPS decided not to work…), so should be helpful for that too. And Autocorrect should be helpful too, though it would be nice to have the grammar/context checking from Word also.

    Comment by Matthew Guay — June 23, 2010 @ 5:03 PM

  2. Is it possible to roam draft posts using Live Sync?

    Comment by James Clarke — June 23, 2010 @ 10:45 PM

    • I have not looked at this. There is no built in support on the Writer side in the Beta. You would need to sync the drafts folder and the images that you intend to be part of the post. You might ask the Sync team in their support forum.

      Comment by Aaron Bregel — June 24, 2010 @ 12:07 AM

  3. @James Clarke – I sync my draft posts between my desktop and netbook with the current Wave 3 version of Live Sync. I just have it sync the standard My Weblog Posts folder (%homepath%\Documents\My Weblog Posts) between the two computers, and it works great. And I’d assume that would work the same in Wave 4 … which is supposed to be available for download very soon 🙂

    Comment by Matthew Guay — June 24, 2010 @ 12:14 AM

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