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July 6, 2011

A new version of Windows live Essentials 2011 is now available

Over on the Inside Windows Live blog, Arthur de Haan announced the availability of an update to Windows Live Essentials 2011 (Wave 4).  While I did not work on this directly for Writer I know there were a few changes for Writer and Writer technologies.  SSL was a big part of this of this release for Windows Live Mail and photo mail which runs the same code as Writer was updated to enable SSL support.  This means that when your photo mails are created the images linked to SkyDrive now use SSL.  This holds true for images you add to your blog posts in Writer that are saved to SkyDrive. 

You can go download the new bits via http://explore.live.com, search for them in the Microsoft Download Center, or wait until before month’s end when you will be prompted to optionally update the suite when you boot one of the applications.  Across the board this update is worth the download.  SSL support means things are more secure for you and there are bug fixes to almost every application that just makes life better.  My team worked on the Photo Gallery changes and help a bit with the Movie Maker updates and there are some great fixes there that make things more stable.



  1. […] New version of Windows live Essentials 2011 is now available: livewriterblog.wordpress.com […]

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  2. how to use wlw write tumblr?

    Comment by 天竺葵 — July 13, 2011 @ 6:07 PM

  3. Is there any way your team can fix that nasty bug where Windows Live Photo Gallery rifles through ALL photos and videos on your hard drive, and recklessly destroys the Modified dates of any precious .MPG video files you have, and stupidly sets it to the current date instead?

    Comment by joshstraub — October 17, 2011 @ 8:40 AM

  4. Hi there,

    When I publish a post which is contains pitcures by “Windows Live Writer”, I can’t see the pictures on my post. When I check the “Media Library”, I saw all pitcures have been uploaded correctly.

    After I checked the html codes of post, I saw “Windows Live Writer” writes the source codes of pictures as the pictures still on my computer. For example:


    But the source code should be like this:

    After I correct the code by manually, I can see the pictures on my posts. I think “Windows Live Writer” should be do that automaticly but it doesn’t.

    Could you help me for fix this problem.

    (My operation system windows 7, my explorer chrome and windows live witer are all updated)

    Comment by barakula — November 4, 2011 @ 12:12 AM

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