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June 8, 2010

Windows Live Writer and TypePad

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While you can find many posts out on the Internet about how to set up Windows Live Writer with WordPress there does not seem to be many, if any, on how to set it up with TypePad.  Perhaps because you really do not have to jump through any hoops to set it up but I thought I would write up a quick post on how to set it up anyway.

TypePad has been around since 2003 and was created by Six Apart Ltd.  It is based on their Moveable Type platform and Moveable Type is another blog server that Live Writer supports.

If you would like to blog on TypePad you need to go and set up your account.  Currently they have a free trial which converts to a paid service in the US.  You will need to know your blog URL to configure and work with Live Writer.  If you do not know your blog URL it can be found in your Dashboard settings.  Log into your TypePad account using your email address and TypePad password. Next click on Dashboard and then Settings under the area called Manage My Blog.  Here you will see the URL for your blog in the Blog folder section.  Unless you host your own domain it will be something like http://<your blog name>.typepad.com.  For example of your blog was called “Trip Reports” you would see http://tripreports.typepad.com.

Once you know blog URL you can launch Live Writer.  If this is the first time you have used Writer you will see the wizard that will take you through the blog configuration.  If you have already configured Writer to work with another blog then you can start the wizard by selecting Add blog account under the Blogs menu.  On this first step of the wizard select “Other blog service”.


Then select Next.

Enter your blog URL and the username (email address) and password you use to login into the TypePad website.


If you know you need to manually set your proxy server you can click on the Set proxy link.  Chances are you do not and you can just click Next.  At this point you will be asked if you would like to have your blog theme detected. Live Writer supports the ability to show you what your post will look like while you edit it if you do have your theme detected so I would suggest you say Yes.  Regardless of how you answer you will now be on the last setup of the wizard.  Here you can give your blog a friendly name that is used only in Writer and you can also associate your blog with your What’s New feed in Windows Live if you have a Windows Live id. This will allow your Windows Live friends to know when you make new blog posts.

Some of the features supported by Live Writer with TypePad include:

New Posts þ
New Pages þ
Post Categories þ
Multiple Categories þ
Create new Categories  
Set Publish Date þ
Links to get to blog comments þ
Links to get to blog design þ
Post draft to server þ
Open posts from server þ
Upload images with post þ
Upload maps with post þ
Publish with videos þ
Split post þ
Keywords þ
Comment permissions þ
Excerpts þ
Trackbacks þ

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