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January 24, 2011

Drupal 7: Better together with Microsoft technology

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On of the program mangers on the Windows Live Writer 2011 team is a big fan of Drupal and in his spare time he even supports a few Drupal installs for a side business.  With the blog module Drupal and Live Writer work great together and even better with Drupal 7.  He was really excited today when Microsoft’s Interoperability team announced that in addition to the SQL Server Driver for PHP 2.0 with PDO support which shipped last Fall that four new Drupal modules have been released from Microsoft:

    • Bing Maps Module: enable easy & flexible embedding of Bing Map in Drupal content types (like articles for example)
    • Silverlight Pivot viewer Module: enable easy & flexible embedding of Silverlight Pivot in Drupal content types, using a set of preconfigured data sources (OData, a, b, c).
    • Windows Live ID Module: allow Drupal user to associate their Drupal account to their Windows Live ID, and then to login on Drupal with their Windows Live ID
    • OData Module: allow data sources based on OData to be included in Drupal content types (such as articles). The generic module includes a basic OData query builder and renders data in a simple HTML Table. The package includes a sample module base on an Open Government Data Initiative (OGDI) OData source, showing how to build advanced rendering (with Bing Maps)

In addition to the announcement the Interoperability team has a blog post about a hands on look at using Drupal on Windows Azure and using the four new Drupal modules. 

June 27, 2010

Windows Live Writer Wave 4 beta and Drupal

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JD, a program manager on the Windows Live Writer team, and our resident expert on everything Drupal has a new post on his blog talking about the Live Writer Wave 4 Beta and Drupal.


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