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January 19, 2011

How to get Lightbox, Thickbox, etc. to work with Windows Live Writer in WordPress


If you host your own WordPress server one of the plug-ins you may have installed is one for image effects such as Lightbox or Thickbox so that when a reader of you blog clicks on an image it might do a fly-out and fill the screen.  A common question is “How do I make this work with Windows Live Writer?”

By default if you bring up the Source Picture Options dialog via the Link options button on the Picture tools Format tab it will look like this:


If you have installed the plug-in on your hosted WordPress blog before you configure Live Writer then it should just work and you will see additional options in the dialog.  If you have installed the plug-in on your hosted WordPress blog after you have configured Live Writer then you need to reconfigure Live Writer.  To do so from the application menu select Options.  Next select Accounts and then pick the blog that you want to enable image support for.  Click Edit and then click the “Update account information” button.  At this point just step through the wizard clicking Next and when it is finished you should now have support for your image effects plug-in.

Here is an example of that the Source Picture Options dialog looks like if you have installed the Thickbox plug-in:


This tip should also work for other blog servers that have plug-ins for image effects like dotnetnuke.


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